Updates In Janaury 2022

Hello Residents on 100 Wood Street,

Happy New Year!   Happy Chinese New Year on February 01!   Please refer to the important updates below:

Any changes inside or outside of your unit need approval from the Strata Council before the work is undertaken.   There is a form labeled Applciation for Alterations posted and we need you to fill it in and submit it to both Strata Council (President@riverswalk.ca) and to our Management Company (Terence@c21pel.com).  Please do so.   We are working to give prompt responses.  It help us to do so if the request comes in prior to our meetings which happen the first Wednesday of each month.


Strata has approved the installation of Level 2 Chargers inside owner’s garages.  You must fill in an Alterations Application Form and agree to the rules set out by Strata (and stated on the form) prior to starting the installation.  We are asking anyone who has already installed a Level 2 Charger to also fill in the Alteration Form and submit it to Terence for our records.

We are in the process of booking a repair man to attend to the following list.  If you have any handyman jobs needing done inside your unit and want to hire this handyman (at your own cost) we can add your repairs to our to-do list.  By booking a person already on-site for other small jobs, we believe we will save owners some money.  If you have jobs to add to the list please email strata at  president@riverswalk.ca.  Here is our current list:  A.  Re-stake some uprooted trees on the property  B.  Ensure all units have brushes around the drains on the upper decks  (let us know if your unit is missing this added layer of drain protection)  C.  Plug the holes left by the removal of the Speed Bumps   D.  Add a missing strip under the door of the Electrical Room   E.  Complete 2 repairs in a unit as requested by the owner.

Our big agenda items for February 2nd Meeting include planning for the AGM and further discussion of Air Conditioning Installations.  Currently we are talking about Heat Pumps and hope to come to consensus soon.  Our Propetry Manager has advised us this might need to be an AGM vote as neighbors will have to deal with possible noise from the outdoor generators.  We have been told by an installer that because we have electric heating upstairs and gas heating on the main level each unit would need 2 compressors (if they installed heat pumps on both levels) one for each type of heating system.

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