News in November 2021 – Repairs List for Handyman

Minor Repairs List

We are putting together a list of small repairs that could be done all at once when the handyman visits our site.  This is a cost-effect way to address small concerns.  These are repairs to the common property and you might have noticed something Strata has missed.  If you have a concern about a repair that you think we need to address, please let Strata know.  All repairs that are “outside” repairs are covered by Strata’s budget but any repair inside your unit will likely be paid for by the owner.

So far we have these small repairs on our list and we are setting up a schedule:

  • Some trees on the property need re-planted and/or restaked to ensure they remain healthy
  • There is a minor repair to the Electrical Room door booked to ensure rodents do not nest in that space
  • The brushes will be added to any upper deck drains in need of a brush
  • The paving/resetting of bricks on Penny Lane walkways is booked for those units with safety issues

The notes from our November meeting are posted please read the Strata notes to stay informed.

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