News For November 2021 – Deck Drainage

Deck Drains Need Checked Regularly

Just a reminder that as we head into the rainy season, you do need to check the drainage on your upper deck.  Please ensure the drain is clear so the  water  can drain.  In 2015 we did have some major flooding of 2 units when the deck drains plugged and it was addressed by the Developer.  Now we need to ensure every unit has a brush (we are installing them shortly IF you did not get one during the initial installaton).  These wire do-nut shaped brushes fit over your deck drain and help to block leaves and debris that might plug the drain.  However, ech owner must check the deck regularly.  If water is accumulating on your deck, address it immediately and contact Strata if you need assistance.   So, please check to see that you do have a do-nut shaped brush circling your upper deck drain and send an email to Strata President ( if you need assistance with this or need to get a brush installed.

Units 13 – 23 will their drains checked and brushes installed in the next week.  We know you do not have one installed.   If you hear someone on your deck, do not be alarmed as a few of our Strata members will be checking and installing the brushes on Units 13 – 23.  We do not need access through your unit as we will access through one unti and then travel across the back from unit to unit.



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